A Game of Baws

In the recent game of Baws, known to some as the election, the results are as follows:
Scotland One – England Nil
I hate to tell you England, but you’ve been done.
I am in a bit of an awkward position, as an English woman, living in Scotland, who voted SNP.
According to the press I’ve just fucked over everyone I know in England. To some I guess that makes me a traitor. That, I believe is a matter of perspective. I’d like to think that most of my friends down south would not be so judgemental, and perhaps better read than the majority, or at least be able to count and stuff. I am not a one off either, I happen to know a fair few other English people living here who voted SNP too. Oops. We bad.
I stand by my decision to vote SNP, as I do my decision to vote yes for independence. I am proud to have voted for, and with Scotland. From the minute I washed up on Scotland’s shores nearly twenty years ago I was welcomed. In that time I have never experienced this anti English bullshit you are being fed in England. I’ve had some tasty and informed banter with the natives in my time, but it’s always been in good humour. I am not denying we have a history either, who doesn’t, but this current surge in division is the invention of the media to distract you from the brutal plans of your government, not a grudge from history. Don’t buy it.
There is no division between the people of Scotland and the people of England, unless you choose to believe the propaganda. Can you not hear the alarm bells yet? Take it from me, I don’t stay where I am not wanted. Don’t you think if I was surrounded by anti-English extremists I would have left? With a gob like mine, I would at least have a black eye by now. Would I have voted for the SNP if they really were the same as the BNP? That would make me mental wouldn’t it? Almost as mental as voting for another 5 years of Tory rule.

It has been a strange weekend in Scotland. The mood is flat.
No one seems to know how to feel, myself included. Are we celebrating or commiserating?
We have reason to be dancing in the streets, yet there are no dancers. The wine is flowing, but it is not drunk with joy. I’ve been out all weekend and all I have found is an overwhelming numbness.
I haven’t met one person happy about the results. Which is strange when we have so much to be proud of. For a nation who apparently hasn’t been able to organise themselves or rise above inside fighting for the last 500 years the overwhelming unity shown by this vote is unprecedented.
The people of Scotland have stood together against austerity, we thought the rest of the UK would do the same. Herein lies our sadness.

During the referendum, while the majority of the UK continued to be happily spoon fed and pacified by shiny things, exciting stories of scandal and misplaced national pride, here in Scotland we learnt not to trust the media. We learnt that the government doesn’t have our best interests at heart. I don’t just mean Scotland, I mean you too. We thought you were listening? We thought you noticed it too? Surely some of you did? Did you not discuss it? What else were you doing? I know that some of you might not rate the likes of Russell Brand, or the artist Taxi driver or Owen jones and many others like them, but they speak more truth and more sense than the Tories. Why are so few of you taking notice? You are backing the wrong horse mate. We are not the Trojan.
This air of mixed feelings should be taken notice of by the rest of the UK. If you are to believe the mainstream media, which sadly it seems most people in England do, Scotland is the new enemy, intend on splitting up this wonderful, fair and just union that has benefited us all because we are bitter about not getting independence.
Contrary to what you may have been led to believe by the Murdoch dynasty, Scotland has evolved. Last year Scotland was a country almost divided by its choices. This year Scotland is united. That’s a huge turnaround in a very short space of time isn’t it? Rather than being threatened, shouldn’t you be asking yourself why?
The rest of UK it seems, is still asleep. Must be very cosy under that blanket of blue. Too cosy to see you are sleeping with the enemy? The protests in London say no. So not everyone is asleep after all? I for one am confused. Ever heard the expression Horse, Gate, Bolted?

Having grown up around so much poverty and so much struggle in Essex I was shocked at some of the areas that voted conservative. Basildon and Thurrock? Really? FFS! And Clacton! UKIP? Wow. Welcome back to the 70’s!
I have never understood the all fur coat and no knickers mentality of ‘Great Britain’, for example hosting the Olympics when we couldn’t afford it, displacing families and communities to make way for something that now sits rotting just so we could pretend we are still the old empire? That’s the Great in Britain is it? When are the good people of England gonna stand up to this pish?
I reckon now would be good.
I am glad that you are angry. I am glad you are protesting. It’s about time. It is much more preferable than the apathetic attitude that got us in this mess in the first place. Anger though, solves nothing and is used against you by the media and by the government.
We in Scotland learnt an important lesson with the referendum and I think it’s worth keeping in mind right now. Don’t panic, organise.
63% of you didn’t vote Tory so you have more power than the outcome suggests. Stop wasting your energy on shouting and blaming, it’s too late for that now. Accept it and move on, that’s what you so compassionately told Scotland to do wasn’t it?
We did it though. We dried our eyes, calmed down and joined together. It’s time you did the same.
To beat the Tory, you need to be the Tory. Right now they want you to lose your shit, so they can pass more gagging laws and take away more services and get you pointing fingers at more minorities. Don’t give them what they want. Learn to play them at their own game. None of us understand the reasoning for their choices, right now that doesn’t matter, we can save that for the big expose. Right now we need to act.
The fight is against austerity. We should fight it together. You know, like the collective consciousness everyone bangs on about. Like humans.
We need to drop the dualistic way we have been taught to think. There is no time left to debate gender, race or sexual orientation. Who gives a fuck? It’s not important. Move on. Start teaching ourselves and each other to respect and value difference. Start showing compassion for others. Those that are not willing to change will soon decamp. Don’t focus on them. Focus with us.
This uprising or universal consciousness is not a sudden evolving of humanity through choice. We are responding to a deep and primal call that is telling us we are in danger of extinction. That inner feeling isn’t all political engagement or self-awareness and enlightenment, it is also a death toll. We in the UK are a little bit late for the party. You can’t block it out with nice things forever. Just because you haven’t lost all your toys and comforts yet it doesn’t mean you won’t. Life as it is in this system is not sustainable. It is time to make some noise. It is time to organise.

The quote Don’t panic – organise was lifted from the wonderful Dan Glass, activist, journalist, Farage bother and all round good guy. Seek him out, he has good things to tell you.


9 thoughts on “A Game of Baws

  1. English person living in Scotland – like you voted SNP and YES. Jaw still hanging open in shock that England voted in the Tories again, why oh why? After the hammering people have taken they vote for 5 more years of it, and oh punch me harder! don’t hold back! harder! – with the Lib Dems gone to soften the blows.
    I see the papers more as versions of the Daily Mash and can’t believe others don’t. Front pages are to be laughed at, bit of a giggle when you’re getting your bread and milk.
    Enjoyed your blog a lot – thanks

  2. Agree, the whole of the UK needs to awaken from their dream(or should I say nightmare!) and recignise how duped they have been.well put thanks

  3. Been in Scotland since 1992. From Essex/London. Voted yes in referendum and SNP in GE2015. Couldn’t agree with you more. Wish I had written it. Thank you.

  4. Well said. I am Scottish and have no problem with the English at all. I just hope that the majority of people can see through the lies of the Westminster politicians and their media friends. Have shared your post to help highlight that we are not enemies. It would make life so much easier for them if we were. We must come together in peaceful and constructive ways and keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Excellent stuff, hopefully it might show some people in other parts of these islands that ALL Scots are Scots, not just the ones with their own tartan, they might even figure out that civic nationalism is all about all of us together. Thanks for writing.

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